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Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Quick Recovery, Less Pain

MIS Bunion Surgery patients can walk in a small surgical shoe the same day as the operation.
MIS Bunion Surgery patients can walk in a small surgical shoe the same day as the operation.

Dr. Joanna Ayoub's Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) techniques combine the best parts of traditional open procedures (stability from internal fixation) with minimally invasive techniques (new technology, small incisions and minimal tissue trauma). This procedure is so ideal that Dr. Ayoub underwent MIS bunion surgery for her own feet in 2020!

As evidenced by her hundreds of five-star reviews, Dr. Ayoub goes above and beyond to ensure success in her patients' planning and recovery. At our boutique practice, you will receive the personal care and attention you deserve, with expert skill and care at every step of the process.

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Powerful Correction, Hidden Scars

Whether the bunion is mild, moderate, or severe, Dr. Ayoub's techniques give patients life-changing results with a speedy recovery and minimal scarring.

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Advantages of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Cosmetically Pleasing

Tiny, hidden incisions using plastic surgery techniques

Faster Recovery

Immediate weight-bearing after surgery

No Casting

Small surgical shoe is typically used postoperatively

Minimal Pain and Swelling

Less trauma to the tissues

Less Big Toe Stiffness

Procedure does not involve opening the joint

Reduced Risk of Infection

Less disruption to the skin and surrounding tissues

Same-day Procedure

Sedation anesthesia allowing you to go home within a couple of hours

3D Correction

Realigns the joint into a corrected position using zero-profile screws for stabilization

A Pioneer of Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Dr. Ayoub has performed thousands of procedures and delivers outstanding results and peace of mind to her patients.
Dr. Ayoub has performed thousands of procedures and delivers outstanding results and peace of mind to her patients.

With over 16 years of surgical experience, Dr. Ayoub has performed thousands of procedures involving foot and ankle reconstruction. She was among the first surgeons in NYC to perform this next-generation, revolutionary approach to bunion surgery. She received extensive training from an elite team of doctors with global experience in these advanced procedures and always strives to perfect her techniques.

Due to the stability of this procedure, patients can return to normal life much sooner compared to more traditional open bunion procedures. This offers several benefits, including excellent range of motion, reduced muscle atrophy, and a lower risk of infection and blood clots.

Expected Recovery

  • Day 1: Walk in, walk out! Immediate weight-bearing with a surgical shoe post-procedure.

  • Week 4-6: Transition to sneakers and walk for longer periods of time.

  • Month 2-3: Return to recreational activities.

Every bunion case is unique, and recovery timeframes may vary depending on the type or severity of the bunion. Generally, minimally invasive bunion surgery offers quicker recovery times compared to traditional bunionectomy recovery. However, patients are advised to be mindful of their limits. Dr. Ayoub assesses each patient's individual circumstances and medical history before recommending a specific recovery period.

What to Expect

Set up an Initial Consult with Dr. Ayoub

We devote 1 hour for a comprehensive consultation which includes in-office digital X-rays.

Schedule Your Surgery

Our scheduler will help you navigate any insurance concerns and plan important appointment dates with you.

On the Day of Surgery

Outpatient, same-day surgery takes place at a hospital or surgical center where you will receive exceptional and personalized care.

Recovery & After-care

Dr. Ayoub likes to keep a close eye on your recovery! She typically sees her postop patients every 2-4 weeks for bandage changes and X-rays to monitor healing.

Follow-up Care

We strive for the best results! At different stages of the care process, Dr. Ayoub will provide you with exercise instructions, stretches, activity guidelines, and recommendations for suitable footwear.

Bunions can be painful and inhibit your motion.

Trust Dr. Ayoub's skills and expertise to get you back on your feet and feeling your best. Call now to schedule a consultation.