'Dr. Ayoub is amazing. After several consultations, It was a no brainer to go with her for my bunionectomy. She has a great bedside manner and always takes the time to answer my questions and explain things in a way that I could understand. I am now 3 months post-surgery and I would highly recommend her without any hesitation.'
'Dr. Ayoub is one of the best doctors I've ever had. I came to her a month ago with an angulated fracture (one of the bones in my toe was literally broken into 2 totally separate pieces); other doctors I had called after I broke my toe suggested surgery would probably be necessary (something I really wanted to avoid), but Dr. Ayoub worked with me to try more a "conservative" approach (by setting the bone and monitoring how it heals by taking X-rays across a 2-week period). Now, a month later, my injury is healing very well and I was able to avoid surgery. Dr. Ayoub is a great listener, explains complicated medical concepts with ease, is empathetic to my concerns, and takes time to answer my questions and to make sure I feel comfortable. She is simply the best. She also has a wonderful, friendly administrative team behind her. I would recommend Dr. Ayoub to literally anyone in the NYC area.'
'Dr. Ayoub is one of the most professional and kindest doctors I've ever seen in my life. Her bedside manner is superb! She listens to my issues and provides multiple solutions, describing the pros and cons of each so that I can come to my own decision in my own time. She performed a bunion removal surgery and brought me along every step of the way. She explained the procedure thoroughly in laymen's terms, going through the benefits and risks so that I truly understood what I was getting myself into. She put me on a recovery plan that fits my lifestyle, and is flexible in our post-op appointments if things change. Dr. Ayoub understands that every BODY is different, and she tailors her treatment according to how you're feeling and what you need. She is simply the best!! If you're experiencing foot/ankle issues, do yourself the biggest favor and see Dr. Ayoub!'
'... Dr. Ayoub’s awesome bedside manner is the exact same as the very first time I met her. She is friendly, attentive and compassionate. Her explanation of the procedure is thorough and she takes her time to make sure every question is answered. I am very happy that I found her and will continue to recommend her for all ankle and foot issues.'
'If you're looking for an amazing podiatrist, look no further. Dr. Ayoub is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional medical professionals I've had the pleasure of encountering. From the initial consultation to the final follow-up appointment, she consistently displayed an outstanding level of knowledge and expertise in her field. Not only did she thoroughly explain the procedure, but she also ensured my comfort throughout the entire process.'
'Dr Ayoub is very meticulous in her work and patient-focused. Before moving to surgery we discussed in depth all options and I appreciate how she has taken the time to explain and engage with my questions. The surgery went really well and she did take very good care of me. Thank you so much Dr Ayoub!'
'Dr. Ayoub is the best doctor I have ever had -- she is kind, communicative, and genuinely cares about her patients. On top of her being a wonderful surgeon, she has also been extremely thorough and helpful working through health insurance and billing...'
'Dr. Ayoub took care of a couple of hammertoes for me. She's very meticulous and thorough and cares about her patients. She's my foot doc for life.'
'Dr Ayoub and team are simply the best! Highly professional, superb patient care pre and post, extremely attentive and take genuine care to ensure you are at ease and fully understand everything to do with your treatment. Cannot recommend highly enough'
'Dr. Ayoub is the best. I came to her with essentially a botched surgery by someone else and she made sure to take every measure to identify every issue possible before doing another procedure. She’s incredibly professional while being compassionate and kind. I couldn’t say enough positive things about my experience with her so far.'
'Dr. Joanna Ayoub is the most incredible foot/ankle specialist I know. And I've seen so many orthopedists and podiatrists, I used to joke that I'd seen them all. My case is especially complex and Dr. Ayoub made an incredible impact in shaping my care and my healing. She is kind, genuine, and a great listener. I have never felt rushed in her office and she takes whatever time is necessary to hear a patient's story. She looks at the whole picture, the whole patient. She caught orthopedic deformities in my feet/ankles that went undiagnosed for 10 years. This diagnosis was the key to finding my other diagnoses, and to finding the right treatments. I am so grateful for Dr. Ayoub. She is a gem. More than six months after my last visit, she called me to follow up and had a genuine interest in how I was doing. Dr Ayoub's office is beautiful, accessible, and easy to get to. Dr. Ayoub is the BEST!'
'To put it bluntly, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ayoub. From the moment I happened upon her--after breaking my ankle while on holiday in Budapest--to going through surgery, to all subsequent check-ups, Dr Ayoub has been nothing short of AMAZING. She not only talked me off a ledge while I was laying in bed, petrified, in Budapest, waiting to fly back to NYC, she has done everything in her power to ensure that I am taken care of throughout this journey. She has advocated for me in a number of areas (I had resigned from my job right before this happened, so I had to get set up with cobra) from talking to medical billers, to getting advice on cobra and she has calmed my nerves more times than I care to admit. Going above and beyond is something Dr. Ayoub doesn't think twice about, and through her, I've been able to surround myself with a medical team that is not only top notch, but unbelievably caring. On top of being a wonderful human, Dr. Ayoub is phenomenally talented as a surgeon and she deserves every plaudit that she has received in her impressive career. If you have the choice and are looking for a foot and ankle specialist Dr. Ayoub should absolutely be at the top of your list. You won't regret it.'
'Prior to seeing Dr. Ayoub I had seen several podiatrists, all of whom were sufficiently good. But my experience with Dr. Ayoub was truly exceptional, from the initial intake through the actual surgery through the comprehensive follow-up visits. Dr. Ayoub is super competent, very friendly, definitely patient-centered, and I felt like I was in great hands throughout. I'm very happy to recommend her to any prospective patients. You'll be in great hands for sure because she goes above and beyond every step of the way.'
'I recently flew back to NY to have surgery (left ankle arthroscopy & ligament repair augmentation) with Dr. Ayoub and i had an amazing experience. From the planning she helped put in motion the weeks leading to the surgery (phone calls, detailed timeline, proactive filling of medications, etc) until weeks after the procedure to make sure my recovery was going as expected. What I appreciate the most is that Dr. Ayoub cares about what is best for her patients, and provides options along with their associated pros and cons. She also takes the time to make sure her patients fully understand what’s happening every step of the way, using videos and non-medical terms when necessary. I cannot say the same about the doctors I saw back at my home state when considering surgery. Highly recommend.'
'Dr. Ayoub is an exceptional podiatrist!! She is the nicest most professional doctor I have ever been to in my life. She takes her time to go over the best procedures for her patients and is extremely talented. I had broken my toe and she spent well over an hour on our first visit and I never felt rushed. She reduced my fracture perfectly and it’s been healing very well ever since.'
'Absolutely lovely individual, best specialist by far. Most definitely recommended if in need of the services she provides.'
'Dr. Ayoub was so nice! She was great to talk to and gave me advice on how to take care of what I came in for. The office is new and extremely clean and beautiful. Would definitely recommend if you're in the city.'
'The surgery and the recovery have been very good and fast. Dr. Joanna Ayoub is very kind and her care has been very helpful for my recovery.'
'Doctor Ayoub Is an amazing podiatrist. I've gotten the chance to know her over the past few months for surgery. Recovering was very comforting and painless. I explained to her effects my feet caused and she understood me completely. October was the first surgery date. She followed up with appropriate phone calls and professional office visits. always being so kind. I had no pain throughout my whole surgery. I kept my foot elevated and iced as Doctor Ayoub suggested. I am now more than happy of the bone structure of my feet. She's the best, I completely recommend her.'
'I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Ayoub. She is very bright, kind and genuinely caring. She spent a lot of time with me explaining all the details and provided me with the excellent care I needed. She followed up on all the details to make sure I was well taken care of. Such a peace of mind being her patient. Very highly recommended!'
'I've been a patient of Dr. Ayoub for a few years now, she did my foot surgery and believe me, I'm the biggest chicken, lol, thank God to date no pain and she did a wonderful job especially with pain management after surgery. Now my daughter is a patient as well. If I could give her 1000 stars I would! Dr. Ayoub is excellent, she is knowledgeable, attentive to her patients needs, answers questions, is very patient, compassionate and most importantly makes sure that you are both on the same page. I love how she goes above and beyond for her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Ayoub, I promise you, you made the right choice. Best Regards, Marisol'
'Thank you for taking the time out to fit me into your busy schedule during my consult. You continued to show your dedication to the profession you love by taking part in my surgery. I can't thank you enough.'
'I have been the patient of Dr. Joanna Ayoub for a few years. She is a magnificent, one of a kind professional. She knows exactly what she is doing. There is no better doctor. Totally dedicated, inventive, knowledgeable, kind, warm. She is extremely clear and accurate. She will move heaven and earth to help an protect her patients. It is a true privilege to know her and have her help. You cannot have a better doctor!! I’m amazed that people like Dr. Joanna Ayoub still exist.'
'I went to see Dr. Ayoub about 3 weeks or so ago and from the first time we met the thing that stood out about Dr. Ayoub was her good bed side manners, which is something you don't see much of today.'
'She is an excellent doctor. She is very dedicated to her profession and her patients needs.'

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