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Dr. Ayoub is board certified and holds New York State's advanced ankle privileges. With over 15 years of surgical experience and thousands of successful surgeries, she is well-versed in modern techniques and procedures. After exhausting conservative options, Dr. Ayoub may propose surgical intervention for your foot condition. She takes pride in minimally invasive approaches when possible, as well as deploying multiple techniques to provide aesthetically pleasing postoperative scarring.


A bunion is a protruding bump on the big toe joint where the big toe pushes against the other toes, forcing the joint away from the others. It can cause significant pain with walking especially when rubbing in shoes. Minor pain can be treated with change in shoe gear, orthotics, padding, splints, and injections. However when conservative measures fail, surgery can be an option.

A variety of surgical procedures are available to treat bunions. Most times, when indicated, Dr. Ayoub employs a minimally invasive approach requiring smaller incisions that allows for less disruption to anatomical structures as well as visually appealing scars.


Hammertoes are contracted (bent) toes that can cause pain and even develop corns/calluses. They can occur because of tendon/muscle imbalances in the foot, and typically start out as mild deformities that can get progressively worse over time. Conservative options can include wearing shoes with a roomier toe box, orthotics, shaving of the corns/calluses, padding, strapping or even physical therapy.

Surgery is commonly offered as well, which can straighten a painful hammertoe. Dr. Ayoub places high value on aesthetics and commonly performs hammertoe procedures with minimally visible scars.

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